6. What About Freedom?


But I have another question. Slightly more than half the world's population are women. We all know that in Saudi Arabia a woman can’t even drive a car. We all know that Islam allows up to four wives although Muhammad himself had many more.

However, Ghazali the Islamic scholar 700 years ago taught that Islam teaches that marriage is a form of slavery. Razi and Ibn al-Anabi said that by dowry a wife is the property of her husband in the sense of a slave. In Kitob 4:3 we are told that Islam allows women to be kept as sex slaves, and beating and sexual slavery of women and sexual deprivation are acceptable forms of correcting your wife.

I’ve read books by women who escaped harems such as Princess in the West. These are not books written by Western women, these are not books written by Christians or by Jews or by enemies of Islam, they are written by Muslim women. According to the Home Office here in the United Kingdom, every year – every year – there are at least 1,000 known arranged marriages of under-aged girls that are forced, where British girls are taken by family and compelled to marry people, sometimes 30 to 40 years older than them, whom they’ve never met. A 15 year-old girl from Glasgow was compelled to marry a 54-year-old uncle in Pakistan. The case is not unusual. We’ve seen a few cases on TV of the abductions and women being forced to marry relatives they have not even met by their own families. This is going on in Britain – how much more of that goes on in the Islamic world?

Mohammed owned black slaves, didn’t he? Ask the Orientalists. In fact, even ask the Wahab. Because on that basis it is justified; they don't call it “slavery”, they call it “employment contracts”. They go, of course, to poor black African countries and give relatively small amounts of money to the families and take the little girls back to the harems. It is called “child slavery” by the United Nations, but fundamentalist Islam calls it permissible and it is practiced in Muslim countries.

I have never seen that kind of the injustice in the Western world in my life. The United States fought a war where one of every eight white Americans was killed or wounded to abolish slavery, to put an end to the enslavement of the black man and woman. One out of eight were killed or wounded in the American Civil War. In proportionate terms it is the most bloody conflict in the history of America and one of the most bloody in the history of the world in proportionate terms. I have never found a single Islamic country that has had a civil war to put an end to slavery, and the slaves are normally black. And so I ask black people of America and Britain who are listening to Louis Farrakhan, given the fact that the first countries to abolish slavery were Christian – as in William Wilberforce and the Earl of Shaftesbury, as in Abraham Lincoln – given the fact that the first countries to abolish slavery were Christian but the enslavement of blacks still exists in the Islamic world, on what basis can you say Christianity is a white man's religion, and that Islam is the faith of Black freedom and upward mobility?

Four wives? The right to beat, sexually deprive? Enslave, according to your own scholars? I’m not talking about what is ancient; I have been to your countries. It still goes on. Even here there’s arranged, forced marriages. On what basis can you expect a Western woman to turn her back on a religion that says your wife is your co-heir in Christ and become one of four, and somebody will have the right to beat and sexually deprive, and worse still?

In the Hadith we read, “Man will say to his brother, ‘Look upon my wife. If you desire her I will divorce her for you’”, that you can divorce her and give her to another. Now these are early writings in Islam, but remember the Wahab of Saudi Arabia only accept the early writings. It still goes on. How can you expect a woman to turn her back on a faith that says she’s a co-heir in Christ, love her body the way you love your own, with a religion that says she can be sexually deprived, beaten, mistreated, and even divorced and given away, when you allow automatic custody of the children under Sharia Edin? How can you expect a black man to believe that Christianity is a white man's religion when to this day Islam is a religion that has black slaves?