Sermons in Spanish

Sermons in Spanish

Spanish translation: News of Gaza's Shocking Display A Disturbing Parade of Death and Cruelty

Jacob Prasch News in Spanish #bookofruth 


Hola, mis queridos amigos. Hablo por supuesto, a nuestros amigos Católicos, y quiero decir amigos.

Yo tengo muchos amigos Católicos y, del lado de

Scripture: Jonah

There is no Hebrew prophet whose life does not foreshadow or typify the Messiah who would come after them, to bring in the

Scripture: Esther

Dealing with the typology of the book of Esther as an application for God's preparation for ministry in the Christian life.

Venid conmigo,

Scripture: Genesis 12

Every person's life can be plotted as being along some point of Abraham's journey from Mesopotamia to the Promised Land, a metaphor

Scripture: 1 Chronicles 18-19

What happens when good leaders become involved with bad ones?

 ( Reina - Va lera 1995 )


Saludos queridos amigos en

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