Many Christians are, of course, asking for a biblical perspective regarding the current events in Iraq. What should a Christian response be?

This has become further complicated by the fact that the Archbishop of Canterbury, who is a druid, and the Roman Catholic Cardinal Cormack Mercy O’Connor, who is now under investigation since his admission that he has pandered to homosexual and pedophile priests in five dioceses, have both taken a stand for “Christian morality”.  Having failed to stand for Christian morality in their own churches, they are now going to try straightening out the government.  Therefore many Christians are asking questions about the war and how it should be viewed biblically. I am here neither to editorialize on behalf of the war, nor to protest against it.  I simply want Christians to have a truly biblical perspective on what is really happening.

The Statue of Daniel 2

By way of background, we will go first to Daniel 2.

The statue Nebuchadnezzar seen in his vision represents the four empires that are corresponded by the four beasts later on in Daniel. The head, of course, is Babylon: the mind of the world is the mind of Babylon. The way the world thinks is derived from Babylon, going back first to the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11, more recently to the Babylonian Empire, and looking ahead to Babylon the Great in the book of Revelation when the false religious system of the world will be in confederation with its political system.  The torso represents the Persian Empire, while the groin—the area in which reproductive organs are located—is the Greek Empire from which originates Hellenism.

Hellenism: The Origin of Western Civilization

The seminal influence on Western civilization is Hellenism; our Western world runs on it.  Because of this, it is wise for us to try to understand Hellenism.

The Hebrew worldview was “theocentric”, or centered on God. To the Hebrews, there is one God who is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. You cannot lie to Him, cheat Him, or deceive Him; if you could, He would not be God. There is this one God, and no other. The Greeks, however, were polytheistic. Their gods were anthropomorphic—created in man’s image, and therefore you could lie to them, cheat them, try to placate them and so on. In the Hebrew worldview we are theopomorphic men and women; in other words, we are created in the image and likeness of God.

The natural result of Greek theology was that man became the center of their universe. So instead of the theocentric Hebrew worldview, the Greeks had an anthrocentric worldview. This ultimately led to secular humanism. Western civilization, therefore, is a combination of two things: Judeo-Christian faith and Hellenism. In its broadest sense, Hellenization (or I should rather say anthrocentricity) reached its apex in the Western Enlightenment.  The Jews had a separate “Enlightenment” which they called Haskala. Therefore what we are is this combination of Hellenism and Judeo-Christian faith, which is further colored by the Enlightenment.

Then there are the two legs of the image in Daniel, which most people would define as Greco-Roman; others define them as a combination of the Hebraic and the Judaic.

The Ten Toes

Finally, then, we come to the ten toes.  Let us take a look at Daniel 2, beginning in verse 30…

“‘But as for me, this secret has not been revealed to me because I have more wisdom than anyone living, but for our sakes who make known the interpretation to the king, and that you may know the thoughts of your heart.

You, O king, were watching; and behold, a great image!  This great image, whose splendor was excellent, stood before you; and its form was awesome.  This image’s head was of fine gold, its chest and arms of silver, its belly and thighs of bronze,” – Now again, I would point out that the two arms are the Media-Persian Empire. – “its legs of iron, its feet partly of iron and partly of clay.  You watched while a stone was cut out without hands, which struck the image on its feet of iron and clay, and broke them in pieces. Then the iron, the clay, the bronze, the silver, and the gold were crushed together, and became like chaff from the summer threshing floors; the wind carried them away so that no trace of them was found. And the stone that struck the image became a great mountain and filled the whole earth.

This was the dream. Now we will tell the interpretation of it before the king.  You, O king, are a king of kings.”

(Notice here how the text ascribes to a human the Messianic title of “King of kings”.)

“For the God of heaven has given you a kingdom, power, strength, and glory; and wherever the children of men dwell, or the beasts of the field and the birds of the heaven, He has given them into your hand, and has made you ruler over them all – you are this head of gold.

But after you shall arise another kingdom inferior to yours; then another, a third kingdom of bronze, which shall rule over all the earth.

And the fourth kingdom shall be as strong as iron, inasmuch as iron breaks in pieces and shatters everything; and like iron that crushes, that kingdom will break in pieces and crush all the others. Whereas you saw the feet and toes, partly of potter’s clay and partly of iron, the kingdom shall be divided; yet the strength of the iron shall be in it, just as you saw the iron mixed with ceramic clay. And as the toes of the feet were partly of iron and partly of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong and partly fragile.  As you saw iron mixed with ceramic clay, they will mingle with the seed of men; but they will not adhere to one another, just as iron does not mix with clay.

And in the days of these kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed; and the kingdom shall not be left to other people; it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand forever.’” Daniel 2:30-44.

God's Judgment on Human Government



The Book of Daniel deals with God’s judgment on human government, which ultimately becomes corrupted under the rule of Antichrist. Some years ago, I tried to warn people not to be naïve about the ten toes; at that time there were nine countries in the European Union and people were saying that as soon as one more joined, that would be the re-confederated Roman Empire. They were partially right, but that interpretation of the ten toes is less than plausible.  Others interpret these ten toes to be ten power blocks in the world, like NAFTA, the E.U., etc.  But whatever the correct interpretation is, this has to come out of Greco-Roman civilization.

Greco-Roman civilization is found in such places as Australia and California—it is not only found in the countries that formed the Roman Empire, but also in those countries that came from it.  With this background, then, let us begin to examine the iron and the clay.

Mingling in the Seed of Men



Notice first that this clay is potter’s clay. It is not raw clay, but rather clay that someone has attempted to fashion into something. Someone has tried to make the clay adhere to something to which it chemically cannot adhere. There is no co-valence on an atomic level between clay and iron—no magnetic attraction, ionic bonding, or anything like that. This iron and this clay do not adhere, though people attempt to make it do so.

In this process of attempting to force potter’s clay to adhere to iron, it will “mingle with the seed of men”. In other words, there will be an attempt to achieve this political unity by somehow causing the people to mix and interbreed. Daniel tells us what happens: some of this unity is strong, some weak; they will combine with one another in the seed of men, but the unity is superficial and weak so that they cannot adhere to one another. Remember that the head is Babylon, which is trying to build the brotherhood of man in order to achieve divinity—“Man is God” is their Gnosticism. This is what is in back of the heresies of Kenneth Copeland and that entire crowd, their assertion that man can become God.

Ancient Rivalries Reemerge



Iron and clay do not adhere to one another. However, Daniel tells us that they will combine with one another “in the seed of men”.  When you see a rugby game between Scotland and Wales, or between Ireland and Scotland, where Celts are playing against Celts, that is a friendly game.  The dynamic changes, however, when England is playing against Scotland. Suddenly the ancient rivalry re-emerges and insults are heaped on the opposing team’s nationality. The old Celtic vs. Anglo-Saxon nationalism comes out.

The only way there can be a true union of people from diverse backgrounds is through Christ.  We are told in Ephesians that the wall of partition is broken down, even between Jew and Gentile.  We sing this in Hebrew: Hu Shloneinu Nitachad—“He is our Peace, we shall be one”.

Celts and Anglo-Saxons have never, ever gotten along. However, in the aftermath of the Reformation, there was a common belief in a more biblical form of Protestantism than the one you see today. With that came a common fear of the papacy, and of the political ambitions of Rome, which remain to this day. Why is Scotland part of the United Kingdom? Let’s briefly explore that: Bonnie Prince Charles was born in Rome, sent with the backing of Rome and the support of Catholic France to attempt to re-Catholicize the British Isles. The one reason that the Duke of Marlborough was able to defeat the Scottish highlanders up in Culloden was because the lowland Presbyterian Scots fought with the English against the Highland Scots. Why did Scots fight against Scots, aligning themselves with their ancient enemy the English against their fellow countrymen? Because they had in common Protestantism and fear of Rome. Otherwise, things would have gone differently. Bonnie Prince Charles reached as far south as the British Midlands attaining Macclesfield, south of Manchester.

Rome's Role in Uniting Britain



Rome has tried many times to re-Catholicize Britain. They tried it with the Spanish Armada, with Napoleon, and yes, with the Third Reich. The Vatican backed the Third Reich; let no one tell you differently. There was the Lantern Treaty with Mussolini and the treaty of Munich where the Catholic cardinals made an alliance with Hitler and the Zentrum, the Catholic party of Bavaria, led by Hans von Paten, who was a terrorist in WWI. Von Paten was sentenced at Nuremberg and was responsible for the second biggest terrorist attack on U.S. soil after 9/11, The Black Tom attack in New York Harbor. They combined in an effort to bring Hitler to power. The Vatican initially had a very pro-Hitler position under Pius XII.

The only reason there is a union, as in the United Kingdom, is because of Protestantism. The only place in which you see any vestige of this remaining today is in Northern Ireland. In a post-Christian, neo-pagan Britain, Wales has its own Parliament, as does Scotland, as does Northern Ireland, and then you have Westminster. The United Kingdom is re-fragmenting because the glue is gone; they no longer believe the Gospel.

They never truly fitted together anyway. The Scottish Presbyterian Calvinists and the English Puritan Calvinists massacred each other. Yet in the face of the common threat of Rome, they united. The only way that Jew and Gentile, Celt and Anglo-Saxon, or black and white can ever be one is through a common faith in Jesus. The mentality of the world is to build the Tower of Babel and bring about a man-made unity, but iron and clay do not adhere. So they try to force it to adhere, by mixing it with the seed of men.

“‘they will combine with one another in the seed of men; but they will not adhere to one another, just as iron does not mix with clay.’”
This is quite a verse.

There is no biblical prohibition against interracial marriage. There is nothing wrong with a white Christian marrying a black one, a Hispanic Christian marrying an Asian one, a Jewish Christian marrying a Gentile believer. If they are true Christians, they can have true unity in Christ. However, you cannot have lasting cross-cultural unions outside of Christ; they will never adhere.

History Repeats Itself



Yugoslavia is where the Greek-speaking East and the Latin-speaking West of the Roman Empire fragmented; it is also where the Saracens, the Muslims, twice tried to invade Europe.  This is where World War I began in Sarajevo, Bosnia when Gavrilo Princip assassinated the Archduke Ferdinand and a lot of big countries got dragged into it. This goes back to the Crusades, to ancient times before the Middle Ages. You can have a Tito in Communism, and they can sequester it for a while; but sooner or later the ancient rivalries always come out. It will always happen.

As long as Great Britain was Christian, Celts and Anglo-Saxons could be united. As soon as they took Christ out, it began to re-fragment. People can try using potter’s clay to make things artificially united; but it will not last.

The Past Failures of Socialism



Eastern Europe was governed by an unelected Socialist bureaucracy where there were federal states; multi-national, multi-ethnic states like Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, and the Soviet Union.  Federalism broke up and failed in Eastern Europe, and it is failing in Britain also. Socialism caved in on itself in Eastern Europe. The British welfare system caved in on itself in the 1970’s.  Sir William Beverage began the welfare state after World War II in order to try to rebuild the infrastructure of Britain. At this time, a single-parent family was probably a widow raising her children alone because her husband had been killed in the war against the Nazis or the Japanese. Today a single-parent family is much more likely to be a woman in a Council flat with five children by three different fathers, supported by taxpayers. The welfare state became something it was never designed to be and you had a Socialist Britain. The government taxed industries that were productive in order to subsidize unproductive ones.

This caved in with the Winter of Discontent, when Britain became the biggest borrower in the developed world. Everyone from miners to firefighters to garbage collectors was on strike.  Then, of course, Mrs. Thatcher came to power, and it has never been the same since. So now you have the New Labor fighting the Old Labor. What you see happening between Iran and Iraq is just that. What is New Labor? New Labor is Old Tory. As Thatcher stood up for the coal miners, now Tony stands up for the firefighters. Maggie would always back the Yanks, so now Tony is going to back the Yanks.

So Britain rejected Socialism as unworkable—it caved in; the same for Eastern Europe.  Federalism is self-destructing in Britain, just as it did in Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union. Yet now continental Europe is going into the things that Britain and Eastern Europe rejected: government by an unelected Socialist bureaucracy and federalism. They are trying to make the iron stick to the clay.

Europol & KGB



Not only that, but the KGB ran the old Soviet Empire. Now they have the Europol, the European Police, which they want to put above the law in the same way the KGB operated. They want to make them immune from writs; they want to suspend corpus juris and eliminate trial by jury.  “You’re guilty until proven innocent.” “Yes, well, who said so?” “The Europol.” “We need to see the documents,” “No, you can’t serve a writ on them.” Do you see how it operates in the same way the KGB did? People are losing their democracy, yet they neither know nor care about it.  No one thinks about it except to say that, “Well, if we go to the Euro, then I won’t have to change money when I go to Spain for my vacation.” They fail to realize that they are forfeiting sovereign control over their own economy. Remember, democracy came out of the influences of Protestantism; now that Protestantism is dead, Democracy is also on its way out.       

The Pattern of Rome Reemerges



This idea of trying to hold an unnatural union together is not new. Pagan Rome, the fourth beast of Daniel or the fourth section of the statue in Daniel 2, also tried to hold things together. This is the way they attempted to achieve lasting unity: they made Greek rather than Latin the lingua franca so that they had an official language. Second, they had an integrated legion. Third, the Emperor was the “Bridge Builder”, or the “Pontificus Maximus”. Fourth, they had a common currency. And fifth, they had an eclectic infrastructure. What does that mean? From the Phoenicians the Romans got trade routes; from the Egyptians the Romans learned agriculture;  from the Greeks they got culture and science. They built roads linking the whole Roman Empire, and established a postal system. They took something from everyone in order to achieve an artificial union that was held together by these five things. Therefore, if you pulled out of the Roman Empire, your nation would lose its postal system and the economy would be overturned because you’d be unable to trade due to the common currency.

It did not matter to the Roman Emperor what religion you had as long as you also acknowledged him as the Pontiff. As we know, pagan Rome turned against two groups: the Jews and the true Christians. In comparison, Pope John Paul II also does not care what anyone believes; he calls the Dalai Lama a “great spiritual leader” and has interfaith gatherings in Assisi, Italy. (I have a photo of that deceiver kissing the Quran.)  And yet four times he has denounced born-again Christians as “rapacious wolves” just as his predecessors, the Pontiffs of the pagan Roman Empire, did long ago. It didn’t matter to the Emperor what religion you observed so long as you allowed him to be the Pontiff.

Then & Now



They also had an integrated legion. The Roman soldiers in the Roman legion were, for the most part, Italian; the Roman legion was dominated by its Italian contingents. Yet they also had Greek contingents, Bulgarian contingent, and German mercenaries. In the end the Germans became the largest part of the Roman army.

So they attempted to make iron adhere to clay, but eventually the Roman Empire split. What is it that we see happening now? We see a lingua franca: English is the computer language in the new economy, much to France’s anger. Second, they want a European Army. This would mean that Britain could no longer act in the way it did in the Falklands. It would be a situation in which Britain could only act in concert with other countries, either America or Europe.

The Role of France



What does France want? France is not concerned about Iraq, except pertaining to its own contracts. France has a problem: the English-speaking people—the Anglo-American Alliance—won WWI, not the French. Likewise, it was the British and the Americans who won the Second World War and the Cold War. It is also the British and the Americans who are at the forefront of the new economy. DNA was discovered jointly by an American and a British scientist at Cambridge. The Americans are at the forefront, along with the Brits. The English language dominates the Internet. The Americans rebuilt Europe after the War. Before WWII it was WWI, and before WWI it was the Franco-Prussian War and an unending series of wars, dating back to the Seventy Years’ War. The only time Europe has had one generation of peace that did not know war was when the security of Europe was in the hands of the Brits and Americans. Only when people from Britain and America ran Europe did Europe not have war.

France is no longer a superpower; even their language has declined. Even as recently as 20 years ago one could go to Africa and speak French almost everywhere, but now only the elderly people know it. Everybody wants to know how to speak English. I have been to China—not only in Shanghai and Beijing, but out in the middle of nowhere in China—and what is the language people want to learn? English.

Therefore, France has a resentment. France realizes that the only way she can still have power and influence is in combining with other countries that are different than she is. Although the British Empire collapsed, Britain continues to have influence and power in the world because of its special relationship with the United States, and residually through the Commonwealth.  Britain is still a player on the world stage. Who calls the shots? It’s always Washington and London, not Paris and not Moscow any longer. These former empires have a resentment toward the English-speaking people, including Australia.

The Real Strategic Alliances



Forget about NATO; that is the strategic alliance that everyone notices and thinks about, but it is not the one that really matters any more. The real strategic alliance is based in Fort Meade, Maryland, Pinegap, Australia, and Cheltenham, England. It is the American NSA, the British GCHQ, and their Australian, Canadian, and Kiwi counterparts. It’s electronic intelligence gatherers, signal intelligence, and satellites that form the real strategic alliance that rules the world. NATO is only what you see; the real substance is in what you don’t see.

The alliances about which America really cares are those alliances formed with the countries with whom she has special relationships: Great Britain, Israel and Australia—the other English-speaking nations and Israel. So France and Russia are sidelined. NATO is not that important any more since we won the Cold War. Why do you suppose there are so many American troops in Yorkshire?  Do you think they are spying exclusively on Russia? No, they are also spying on Britain’s trading partners over in continental Europe. The Americans are giving intelligence to the British government about France and about future competitors in the global market. The reason that America wanted Britain to join the EEC was that it wanted Britain to be its investment platform and its voice in the EEC; therefore America pushed Britain into it. This is the way it works.

So the French realize that the Americans and the British are ruling the world and decide they can’t have that. Therefore, they’ve got to have a European army because the only way for France to ever have a say again is to unite the iron and the clay.

Catholicism: The Link Between All Europeans



Next we come to the Pontificus Maximus. Pope John Paul II has said that he wants to see one Europe from the Urals to the Atlantic.  The iron and clay do not mix, so we look at someone from Italy. He speaks a Latin Romance language; he is a Latin. Someone from Ireland, however, is a Celt, whose native language is Gaelic. Someone in Poland is a Slav, speaking a Slavic language. So we have Latins, Celts, and Slavs. What is the one and only thing that all of these people have in common? It is certainly not language, history, culture, or cuisine. It is Catholicism. All roads will always lead to Rome. The ecumenical movement goes hand-in-hand with the political reconfederation.

Churches have lost moral credibility; the Roman Catholic Church is even discredited in Ireland.  I saw a film in Ireland recently called The Magdalene Sisters which shows what child-abusing lesbian perverts nuns often really are. In Ireland, Catholicism once controlled the people’s minds; now only the old people respect the Catholic Church. It has no moral credibility because of the pedophilia that has always gone on, but can no longer be hidden.

The Church of England is such a joke now that it deservedly loses a thousand people a week.  They have morally discredited themselves because of things like the ordination of homosexuals. The Muslims then come along and they say, “We will bring morality back to Britain; we’re against homosexuality.”

So what do morally bankrupt and discredited institutions like the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England have to do in order to regain some moral credibility?  They have to carve a political niche for themselves and become politicians. They redefine morality, not in terms of personal morality, but in terms of where you stand on social and political issues. Jesse Jackson in America is a good example: he is a black Baptist minister who collected millions of dollars for his “Rainbow Coalition” to help young urban black people. It was then found out that he was paying an astronomical salary to the mother of his child out of wedlock, something that he tried to hush up. Yet he intends to be a moral voice. Well, what kind of a moral voice? He has no personal morality. His only chance is to have some sort of political morality.

The Redefinition of Morality



Morality thus becomes redefined in terms of your public policies, rather than in terms of personal righteousness and holiness. The Bible, however, says the opposite: if people are personally righteous and upright, then that will be reflected in the political realm by what kind of government leaders they have. On the other hand, if people are personally immoral, they will have whores for leaders. Why does the Blair government have four homosexuals in its Cabinet?  It reflects the whoredom of the social fabric of society. Why did you have Clinton doing what he did in the White House? It reflects the immorality of the society. People get the leaders they deserve.

So while the Bible commands personal morality, with the reasoning that the only way you are going to effect change in society is to change the people in it by the New Birth in Christ, the world chooses to ignore personal morality, the New Birth and holiness in favor of a political version of righteousness. People do this without realizing they are on the road to Babylon. They no longer believe the Bible; if they did, they would be scared to death.

Rome's Pattern Reemerges



So you have an English lingua franca, a European Army and an increasingly political papacy combined with ecumenism and interfaith. The common currency? The Euro. Mayer Amil Rothschild said, “Once you have control of a nation’s money supply, it doesn’t matter who writes its laws.” The Jews faced such universal hatred and prejudice, which they did not know how to stop, that they had to find a way to gain influence. Obviously they were unable to gain political control, so they saw instead that they should gain economic influence. This was seen as the way to stop anti-Semitism, so they founded international banking.

Finally, you have an eclectic infrastructure. Why do you think small and medium-sized businesses in Britain are strangled by European regulation? Why do you think the British farmer and the British taxpayer are penalized for being the most productive in Europe? Because they have to fall into line with the unproductive ones. They have to get rid of Imperial British standards, replacing them with Europe’s standards. What is this designed to do? It is designed to make iron and clay adhere. But that is only the beginning.

The Destruction of National Identity



Let us look again at Daniel 2:43: “In that you saw the iron mixed with clay, they will combine with one another in the seed of men.” Recently the British government said, “We cannot allow these Muslim refugees to come illegally through the Chunnel and then go on the dole, expecting the British taxpayers to support them.”  But the European Charter of Human Rights says they must do so.

The goal is in part the destruction of national identity so that Britain is no longer British but multi-ethnic.  If everyone was a true Christian that would work. During the Millennium, in some way, it may well work; but it won’t work now. Iron will never adhere to clay. They can try to force it, but it will not work. As Jesus told us, “Nation will rise against nation”. That word “nation” in Greek is “ethnon”, from which we get the word “ethnic”.  In Hebrew, that word is “goy”. 
Racial tension exists throughout the world: you see it in Asia, in Africa, in Central Europe and everywhere else. These racial tensions will increase; iron will not adhere to clay. Now, an African Christian, an Asian Christian, a Hispanic Christian and a European Christian can all be one in Christ—that will work, but the world is attempting to do this with the mind of Babylon, when it will only work with the mind of Christ. They have rejected Christ.

In front of the European Union Headquarters in Brussels stands a statue of a woman riding on a beast. This image is also minted on some of the European coins. But in a post-Christian Europe, no one thinks about it and no one cares. Their goal is to build the Tower of Babel, but it will not work; just like in Yugoslavia, they will turn against each other.

People will be able to take their driving test in Punjabi; they will be able to take that test in England in the Arabic language. This is already being done. The street signs also will be re-posted in two languages. Let me say again that if the people in these countries were all born-again, I would have no problem with this. But they are not doing this under Christ; they are doing it under Antichrist.

Ultimately, the judgment of the real Christ will come; He is the Rock that smashes the system represented by this statue. But notice this says that some of it is iron, some clay; some of it is strong, and some weak. It will always be like that: some of the countries of Europe will be strong while others are weaker.

The Implications of Modern Politics



My mother’s family is Irish-Catholic. I have no idea why Catholic and Protestant people in Ireland are worried about each other. Why the Protestants in Northern Ireland are afraid of being governed by Dublin, I don’t know; and why the Catholics in Northern Ireland are afraid of being governed by London, I don’t know either. While all this nonsense is going on, they will both be governed by people in Brussels for whom they did not vote and whom they cannot remove. They are both missing the main point.

The Irish have the Celtic economy into which Europe puts a lot of money—the “Celtic Tiger”.  “Give Paddy a pint and he’ll be happy”—that is the mentality of it. Nobody other than Jesus Christ gives something for nothing: Ireland has lost its fishing rights. What you can, and will, get for free is a con job. They are actually taking VAT money that is paid to Europe and giving political contributions to pro-European parties that promote European unity. In other words, they are using taxpayers’ money to fund elections. This is totally anti-democratic, but no one can say anything about it. They are going to seek to make the clay and the iron adhere.

Quick Succession of World Powers: Ancient & Modern



But some will be stronger than others. You may have heard me say before that what happens in Daniel is what happens in the Last Days: a very rapid succession of the rise and fall of world empires.  In Daniel’s day, everyone had been afraid of Assyria, yet one day they woke up to find something far worse than Assyria on the horizon: Babylon. Assyria was history practically overnight, giving way to the Babylonians. We grew up in the fear of the Cold War against Sovietism; one day we woke up and they were gone. In its place we face the much greater danger of Islam. Why is Islam a greater danger? Think about it: the Soviets would not use nuclear missiles except in response to an attack on them; the Muslims would, because they are promised Heaven if they die in jihad, holy war. In fact, that is their only assurance of salvation. Because of that mindset they will kill civilians and use their own civilians as shields without compunction.

In Daniel’s day, Assyria gave way to Babylon; then Babylon seemingly overnight gave way to Media-Persia. Following the same pattern, the Persians gave way to the Greeks. Once Alexander the Great died, his empire fragmented, and out of that chaos came Rome. There was a very rapid series of world empires rising and falling which the Jews were caught in the middle of while returning to their own land. In the Last Days it is the same.

Again, my grandparents were from England and Scotland; if you had told them that in our day the sun would set on the British Empire every 24 hours, it would have seemed ridiculous to them. Nevertheless, that is true today.

Do we realize today how big the French Empire was? It included all of Southeast Asia and it split Africa and the Caribbean with England. The French Empire was once enormous; now it’s gone. If you had told someone from my generation that the Soviet Empire would collapse overnight it would have sounded ridiculous; nonetheless, that is precisely what happened.

Economies Rise & Fall



So the new economies became Japan and Germany. I was in Japan recently; it is not the same place it was even five years ago; it is in an economic melee, experiencing a downturn it cannot recover from. They have zero interest rates—you can borrow money for free in Japan, yet they cannot stimulate their economy. Now Germany has gone the same way. Germany was once the dynamo of Europe, but something has happened to it. The reunification of Germany was a success courtesy of the United States and to a degree the United Kingdom. However, though they owe their reunification to America and Britain, it has been an economic disaster. They are in serious trouble, going the same way as Japan; they cannot seem to get out of the hole they’re in economically.

So France comes along, and sees an opportunity for them to dominate Europe instead of Germany. You see, it is all a game on a grand scale. The French never wanted Britain included in the European Union; it was America that forced the issue.

Ever since Otto the Great, Germany has believed that it has some kind of divine mandate to rule over a Christianized Europe. Once the Roman Empire collapsed, it became the Holy Roman Empire, which was neither holy nor Roman. It was ecclesiastically dominated by Rome, but politically, economically, and militarily dominated by Germany. What they want to do now is put that back. Many have tried, namely the French and the Germans. That was the goal of Hitler, Charlemagne, Napoleon, etc; there have been many attempts, but none have succeeded.  Why? Because iron does not adhere to clay.

Satanic Strategy



So what is happening in Iraq? Daniel tells us about the principalities over these nations; Satan’s ultimate strategic quest is to destroy Jerusalem in order to prevent the Return of Christ. He knows that the Jews must be back in Jerusalem, because the book of Zechariah (whose contents Satan is familiar with) tells us that they will not see the Messiah until they say “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord”’; (Math 23:39) therefore, according to his way of thinking, Satan must obliterate that nation.

There was no real reason for Iraq to shoot scud missiles at Israel; Israel has no love for Kuwait, and vice-versa. There is more to this than meets the eye: it is not about Iraq. In fact, it is not even about oil; if there was not a drop of oil in Iraq, the same problem would still exist, though oil will always be a factor in Middle East politics. The fear is that this psychopathic megalomaniac, Saddam Hussein, will give chemical and biological weapons to terrorists. So America thinks it cannot take the risk of leaving those weapons in the hands of a nut like that; in ten years, he might go nuclear. They feel they must stop him now, or they will have an even bigger problem.

More Historical Patterns



In Germany during the Wehrmacht, they had the Left Wing; in France they were called the Vichy; in England, they were called the Chamberlainists.  In 1937-38, more than ten million British citizens signed anti-war petitions opposing war against Hitler. Only 20% of the British population in the polls agreed with Churchill, who was half English/half American. At that time, the Vatican also opposed war with Hitler. What do we have today?

Please do not get me wrong—the British are far from being cowards.  Hitler said they fight like bulldogs once it’s too late. If they had not allowed Hitler to break the Versailles Treaty, and if they had stood up to him then, things would have been different. In a similar fashion, there was an American general named Billy Mitchell who warned eighteen years before Pearl Harbor that the Japanese would attack Pearl Harbor; he advised them to stop the Japanese then and there in order to avoid it, and he was court-marshaled for creating a diplomatic scandal. Had he not been a hero in WWI, they would have thrown him out of the military completely instead of just giving him an official reprimand.

So Hitler was allowed to violate the Versailles Treaty without consequences; as a result, look at what he did to Liverpool, Northern London, and Coventry. The mentality of Tony Blair is that we cannot let Saddam Hussein violate the ceasefire to which he agreed; otherwise, in five or ten years we will wish we had stopped him. Chamberlainism has come in many guises in England; in the eighties they were called the CND: it was Michael Foote, Neil Kinnock, the Green and Common Lesbian Women, Committee For Nuclear Disarmament.

When the Soviets pointed SS20 missiles at Birmingham, Manchester, London and Leeds, the American President at the time, Carter, and Margaret Thatcher said, “We have to point cruise missiles back at Moscow and Leningrad.” The same people who are saying, “Don’t do this” with Iraq also said “Don’t do this” with the Soviet threat.

If the Chamberlainists—the CND, the European left—had gotten their way then, the Berlin Wall would still be standing. If they had had their way then, we would not have won the Cold War, we would still be living under that threat, and hundreds of millions of people would still be enslaved to Sovietism in Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, etc. When they did have their way, the result was the Blitz in WWII. When they did not have their way, the result was victory.

Once again, the French call these people Vichy in their own country. At the beginning of WWII, the French had the biggest army in Europe, bigger than Hitler’s. At Dunkirk, Britain was fighting while the French had sixty-six divisions and refused to fight, letting Britain stand and fight alone.  They stood by and let the Americans and British liberate their country and then rebuild it; then they want to turn around and spit in your faces for doing it.

I’ll never forget, during the Falklands War, despite the huge Hispanic population in the United States and despite most of America’s neighbors being Hispanic, the overwhelming majority of American people backed Britain. This was even true for many Spanish-speaking Americans.  Yet the French were selling Exocet missiles to the Argentines so they could sink the HMS Sheffield, killing British sailors and soldiers.

Blood is thicker than water; iron will adhere to iron. The Aussies, the Yanks, the Canadians—they can adhere.  But iron will not adhere to clay.

So we see the Vichy in France and the Chamberlainists in England. I am not saying the war is right or wrong; I am simply saying, look at it in light of history and look at history in light of the Bible.

The True Axis of Evil & Political Whores



The Axis of Evil is not North Korea, Iran, and Iraq—a list to which Libya and Syria have been added. The Axis of Evil includes Saudi Arabia, along with all these other countries. The Wahab of Saudi Arabia are the ideological dynamos of terrorism. Fifteen of the nineteen hijackers on November 11 were Saudis groomed by the Wahab and financed by the Saudi government, which persecutes Christians.

I pray for George Bush every day. Let me tell you something: George Bush is a political prostitute from a dynasty of political prostitutes owned by international oil. He will never defend America from her number one enemy, which is Saudi Arabia, because he sold his soul in political terms to get elected. His father called the Saudis our friends; no nation that hangs a fifteen-year old boy for accepting Jesus Christ is my friend. (They may be the friends of the political whoremasters of Texas oil, but they aren’t mine.) Do I consider George Bush trustworthy? No, I do not. I would not trust him as far as I can spit, and I would not trust his father even that far. 
But I pray for him every single day. I don’t like him, don’t trust him, don’t respect him, nor do I like, trust, or respect Mr. Blair, but I pray for them every day. If they are not influenced by our prayers, they will be influenced by something far worse. If they turn against Israel, God will turn against Britain and America. I pray that God would remove Bush and Blair before they bring the wrath and judgment of God against us. Mr. Blair has four homosexuals in his cabinet, and he wants to lower the age of consent to enable a middle-aged man to seduce vulnerable young boys. I think he is a disgrace; I detest everything about Mr. Blair. But if my prayers are not influencing him, something else will, as both Timothy and Daniel tell us.

Efforts All In Vain



That is what is going on today: it’s Old Labor versus New; it’s a quest to rebuild the Holy Roman Empire, which will be neither holy nor Roman. They will do it in the same way in which they always do it: lingua franca, common currency, integrated army, ecumenical religion and an eclectic infrastructure, into which they will mingle the seed of men: we are no longer an English England, or a Scottish Scotland. The population of Scotland will decrease by another 4.5 % in the next ten years, what with the combination of a mass immigration out of Scotland and a declining birth rate. Many of the people who remain are older, but guess who’s having a population growth in Scotland?  Muslims. 
You create an economic reliance on Islamic immigration when you do what is being done here.  Muslims come here and receive the same rights which they deny others in their own countries.  It is an agenda called social engineering. They will force you to accept same-sex marriages and homosexual adoptions, and teach it in schools to children. They will force you to teach your children that there is a co-validity to Islam and Hinduism. All this because they must find a way to make the clay and the iron adhere.

Nonetheless, despite all efforts, they do not and will not adhere. What will happen? Ultimately, the iron and the clay, the bronze, the silver and the gold, were all crushed. But for now, some will be stronger than others. There is no way you will have “The United States of Europe”, though that is their thinking. America has a common language in a common market with a common currency. Since America has done it, Europe thinks it can too; but iron adheres to iron; it does not adhere to clay. The predominant culture in America is Judeo-Christian. Even Italian-Americans or Chinese-Americans look to Britain as the mother country; that doesn’t work in Europe.

When you see all of these things going on, keep in mind that there is more going on than meets the eye. This war is about oil, but it’s also about much more. What the Americans and the British want to do now is to develop an alternative source of oil to Saudi Arabia. However, the countries of Soviet Central Asia adjoining Afghanistan are unstable. If a puppet regime is installed in Iraq, it will accomplish two things: first, create that alternative to Saudi Arabia—Iraq has nine per cent of the proven reserves. Second, outflank Iran in the west as Afghanistan outflanks it in the east.

The End of It All



The Americans and the British know that long-term, Saudi Arabia is unstable. There are always politics going on, but there is more to it than that. The issue is not Baghdad, it is not Europe—the issue is Jerusalem.  That is where Jesus Christ will return. That’s the name of the game: the real jewel, the real treasure of the Middle East is not the oil fields of the Arabian Peninsula—not Baghdad, Mecca or Medina; Satan already has those places. What he wants is Jerusalem and he’ll get it—“Sodom and Egypt, where our Lord was crucified”.

But that is not how it ends—here is how it will end:

“’You watched while a stone was cut out without hands, which struck the image on its feet of iron and clay, and broke them in pieces.’” –Daniel 2:34

The United States of Europe will not stand in the long run, though it will stand temporarily. Iron will not adhere to clay. When they try to make it stick under the rule of Antichrist, Christ Himself will bring it all to ruin. That is what is really going on.

May God bless you all.

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