Could Biden Face Impeachment by the next Congress? By Rubin Rothler LL. B, LL. M

Could Biden Face Impeachment by the next Congress ? by Rubin Rothler LL. B , LL.M

Much is at stake in the forthcoming midterm elections this fall. Both sides of the aisle have framed its ramifications as critical to what direction the Nation is headed. The mainstay for Democrats is abortion and enviromental concerns. For Republicans, it is the economy and a de facto referendum on Biden's tenure thus far. Invariably at times such as ours of serious deprivation, attitudes boil down to the narrow issues that strike pecuniary interests. In this, the Republicans are predisposed to capitalize on the fraught fiscal barometers of rampant inflation and the rising cost of living. The primary focus is fuel and food. Prices at the check out and gas pump will resoundingly determine voting trends amongst the unaligned electorate. Key constituencies will be flipped accordingly, returning Congress to decisive Republican control. Should this likely scenario unfold, the Republicans may take heed to reprise the impeachment of Trump on Biden.

To further this motion, 'high crimes and misdemeanors' must be identified as part of the case in chief. Ample grounds may be gleaned from the persistent revelations of the gift that keeps on giving - those many indiscretions of Hunter Biden. From allegedly colluding with foreign dictators by imparting insider information to granting high ranking corporate officers special access to his father, the stench of nepotism abounds. For these badges of impropriety to be established, causation must be demonstrated between the malfeasance and consequent wrongful Presidential action. If the same standards of investigation that were implemented against Trump found expression with regard to Biden, the probability of securing relevant evidence would seem sure. In order to be initiated, impeachment proceedings in the House only necessitate a majority vote.

By concentrating on social issues, the Democrats are ignoring the economic woes afflicting almost everyone. This is a recipe for failure in the upcoming midterms. The Republicans only stand to gain from the state of near fiscal calamity. How they choose to appropriate their probable victory at the polls is an open question. But should they choose to seize this opportunity as a means of impeaching Biden, Trump will stand as vindicated.

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