This claim is absurd bigotry essentially voiced only by idiots devoid of factual knowledge or is the deliberate fabrication of hate driven liars.

Let us begin with America's wealthiest. Are Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Jack Dorsey, or T Boone Picken Jews? No, they are not. Was Steve Jobs, founder of Americas largest corporation Apple a Jew? No, and neither are his heirs. No one denies that Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Larry Page & Sergei Brinz (Alphabet/ Google), Mark Balmer, Michael Dell, and Larry Ellison (Oracle) are Jewish, and are indeed very big fish in the cyberb economy. Yet the whales have mainly been non-Jews (Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, Steve Jobs, and Jeff Bezos).

* Corporate America. Are the wealthiest American Corporate Dynasties (Ford, Rockefeller, Post, Waltons, Koch, Mars, Getty, Hunt, Cargill or their families, or the estate of Howard Hughes) Jews? No, they are not. Was the first industrial magnate to establish the largest foundation in history, Andrew Carnegie a Jew? No, a Scot. Neither were the Ford or Rockefeller Foundations. Were any of the major pioneers of American industry such as Vanderbilt (Railroads), or Westinghouse (Electro-Mechanics), or Edison (Electronics) etc. or their heirs Jewish? Once again, no, not one. Did Jews later get controling interest in any of these industrial, utility, or manufacturing corporations? No. The CEOs of America incorporated tended to be non-Jews like Jack Walsh and the Dutch American Koch brothers. Except for various high-tech entrepreneurs, corporate industry is rarely an enterprise area for Jewish investors, although there are Jews in corporate accounting and corporate law, there is relatively little controlling interest held by Jews. Even during the corporate raiding of the 1980s, figures such as Carl Icahn and James Goldsmith turned their share volumes over quickly and moved on. These were financial operators, not industrialists. 

* American Billionares Club. Only 8% of America's 759 billionares as of 2024 are Jewish. Given Jews are only 2.4% of the population of the USA, that is a disproportionately high number, but with fewer than 10% of America's mega rich being Jewish nationally, that hardly spells the manner of "Jewish control" trumpeted by antisemites. Most Jewish Americans, like most Asian Americans, are upper Middle class professional and business people or serve in executive and management positions in companies not owned or controlled by Jewish interests or financiers.

American Media and newspaper Dynasties and moguls? Are Rupert Murdoch, Ted Turner, The Hearst family, or Ganetz (USA’s largest newspaper chain) Jews? Are the Washington Post or Wall Street Journal or NY Post (three of the four most read US papers) owned by Jews? No they are not. Moreover the chronic anti Israel editorial and reporting bias of the New York Times demonstrates that Jewish ownership control is not reflected in that brand of progressivist and distorted 'Woke" journalism that almost daily sees the Jewish state as the target.

Have any of the Manstream Media TV & Radio News Gurus been Jewish ( Edward R. Murrow - CBS news, Brian Roberts - NBC/ Comecast,        Ted Turner - CNN, Roone Arledge - ABC news, Roger Ailes - Fox News)? No, no Jews among them. What of the Mainstream Media News Anchors (Walter Cronkite, John Chancellor, David Huntley, Chet Brinkley, Peter Jennings, Anderson Cooper)? No, zero number of Jews.  

* American Politics? Has there ever been a US President who is a Jew? No there has not. Has there ever been a Jewish Governor of any of America’s three states with the largest Jewish populations (New York, California, Florida)? No, there has never been. American political Dynasties? Kennedys, Bush, Clintons - sorry no Jewish political dynasties either. What of the big urban Political machines (Tammany Hall in NY, the Frank Haig machine in New Jersey, Daily’s  Cook County machine in Chicago, the JP Kennedy machine in Boston)? Were any ever founded or ruled by Jews? No. All were Irish Americans.

Hollywood ? Was Cecil B. De Mill - the founder of Hollywood a Jew? No. Was the biggest film conglomerate founder Walt Disney a Jew?  No. Is Hollywood’s single largest and most financially successful producer George Lucas a Jew? Is Hollywood’s largest independent film maker, Zoetrope's  Francis Ford Coppola Jewish? No, he is Italian American. Is Sony Pictures controlled by Jews? No Japanese own it. etc. Is Wilmont Reed Hastings, CEO & co-founder of Netflix Jewish? No.  Stevan Spielberg is certainly Jewish, other major directors (Martin Scorsese, Quinton Tarrantino, Francis Ford Coppola) are Italian (for historical reasons linked to Italian film tradition of Antionioni, Sergio Leonne, and Fredrico Fellini, 

Hollywood has been laced with nearly as much Italian talent as Jewish. Hollywood is not an exclusive Jewish controlled Fiefdom and it never was. With a few exceptions (Mark Goodson/ Bill Todman, Norman Lear) most of the largest TV producers and production companies were not and are not Jewish either (Dick Clark/ pop music, Merv Griffith/ game shows, David Chase / HBO, Mary Tyler Moore/ variety comedy, etc.). The Kingpin mega producer of Broadway (and West End) musicals is undoubtedly Andrew Lloyd Webber. No one comes anywhere near to him. Is he Jewish? No, Jews do not have an absolute monopoly on the entertainment industry, and never have had. 

* Wall Street , American Banking Dynasties? Insurance? Currency markets? Was America’s largest and most powerful banker JP Morgan Jewish? No. Were Chase, or are the Mellon Family, or Brown Bros. Harriman, or Citicorp’s Donald Wrist Jewish? No. Of America's five largest banks: Is Jamie Dimon, CEO of Morgan Chase, America's largest bank Jewish? No. Is   Brian Moynihan, CEO of the Bank of America Jewish? No, he is Irish. Are Citicorp CEO Jane Fraser or her predecessor Michael Corbat Jewish? No. Is Wells Fargo CEO  Charles Scharf a Jew? No. Was the honcho of America’s biggest Mutual Fund tycoon (Fidelity) Ned Johnson, or his daughter Abigail Jewish? No. Is Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powers a Jew? No. Was Fed chairman Paul Volker a Jew? No. Are the biggest Anglo-American banking family, the Barclay Brothers Jewish? No. They are Roman Catholic. etc. Is Anil Wadhwani, the CEO of Prudential, America's largest insurance company (not including Insurance assetts of Berkshire Hathaway) Jewish? No. He is Asian. Neither are John Hancock Insurance CEO Brian Tingle, or State Farm Insurance CEO Michael Tipsord Jewish. Of America's Big 5 investment Banks, one - Goldman Sachs (CEO David Solomon) is predominantly Jewish controlled. The other four are not. 

Larry Fink is a Jew and CEO of Black Rock, the largest financial managent firm in the world. Four of the Seven Black Rock partners however are not, and one of the 3 who are is assimilated, not identifying as a Jew. Black Rock mega subsidiary Merril Lynch (sold to Bank of America in 2008) was run by CEO John Thaine, also not Jewish. 

George Soros is a notorious Jewish currency speculator with American citizenship, but his game was in foreign currencies, manipulating Asian currency markets, and he once shorted the British Pound Sterling, but never the US dollar. Soros may be a sinister figure in bankrolling left wing political causes, but financially his renegade profiteering has largely been offshore, not in the USA, although he resides in the USA. He is not that big a big player on Wall Steet. Quite a number of Hedge Fund managers are Jewish, but not the biggest ones (Warren Buffet, Ray Dalio). 

The ludicrous myth of Jews controlling banks and insurance companies is nothing short of hideous nonsense. 

* America's Oil & Energy Sector? Are any of America's oil & energy billionares (George Kaiser, Philip Anshcutz, Jeffrey Hillibrand, Elaine Marshal, Harry Hamm) Jewish? No, not even one (either are the Hunt family or the heirs of John Paul Getty).

* The American Academic Establishment? A cursory glance at the prolific Jew hatred abounding on America’s University campuses demonstrates that Jews do not control American academia either. Even the by far largest pro Israel lobby group in the USA is not AIPAC or the American Jewish community, but Philo Semitic Conservative Evangelical Christians.

* American Progressivism and Woke agendas? Even more absurd is to stereotype Jews as the promulgators of left wing ideology to the negation of a comprehensive view of factual reality. A probable majority of the most vocal conservative activist in the USA (Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, David Horowitz, Michael Savage, Dennis Prager) are Jewish. Two of Hollywood's biggest Jewish producers, Robert Zemekis and Jerry Weintaub are in the right of center conservative Republican Party camp (as opposed to the left wing film mogul Harvey Weinstein), and Las Vegas Cassino & hotel magnate, Sheldon Adelson (not long  deceased) was the largest conservative political campaign donor in reacting to George Soros (Adelson's business assets out classed Soros by more than 

$10 billion). Moreover, since the Iranian orchestrated Hamas attack on Israel of October 7th, 2023, antisemitism has gone ballistic, and no one has become more the victims of Left Wing Progressivism than Jews.

  * Popular Culture & American music? Yes, from George Gershwin and Irving Berlin, to Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Issac Stern, Leonard Bernstein, Arthur Rubinstein ,Vladamir Horowitz, Hammerstein (from Rogers & Hammerstein), and Lerner (From Lerner & Lowe), to jazz virtuoso Benny Goodman, and Aaron Copland (internationally voted outside of the USA as America's most profound classical composer , American musical  culture would have been far richer without any of them - right? Who needs ‘West Side Story’ or ‘My Fair Lady”? Who needs someone somberly singing 'Summertime' from Porgy & Bess? And of what creative worth is the haunting Philharmonic beauty of the horn and percussion interplay on "Fanfare for the Common Man"? And those awful plays of Neil Simon or Arthur Miller? Who needs ‘The Crucible’ or  ‘Death of a Salesman’? Jews just have had too much influence and control in the humanities, music and the arts in America; damned Jews.

*  America's Jewish Merchants? It is no secret that Jews have been proprietors of prestige department stores (Bloomingdales), co-investors in Department store chains (Sears), own some chains (Saks, Neiman-Marcus), and purchased controlling intrest in others (Macys, Gimbels). However, none of these even comes close to the titanic retail chain, Walmart, or to the on-line retail titan  Amazon, which are not Jewish owned. The largest retail investment fund moreover, Vanguard Group, (largest institutional share holder in Costco) CEO is Tim Buckley; not Jewish. As in social media, Jewish retail ownership is very big (Zuckerberg, Brinz), but certainly not total (Musk, Dorsey), and as in computer hardware and software, Jews are very heavy hitters, but not a Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Joe Di Maggio,Ted Williams, Lou Gehrig, Micky Mantle or a Ty Cobb.   

 The ludicrous notion that Jews control America is as hideous and ignorant as it is the deranged product of antisemitic hatred..

Yes - from Silicon Valley and Hi Tech Seattle, to Hollywood & media, to politics, to banking & finance, there are a disproportionately high number of Jews relative to their percentage of population at the present time in history. In the Renaissance Italians were the disproportionate over achievers. In the age of Empire, the British were the disproportionate over achievers. In the ancient world, it was the Greeks. So what? Throughout human history some ethnic people group or another has always punched well above their weight and size. Should people have denounced being Greek because of Socrates, Plato, Archimedes, and Euclid? Should people have denounced being British because of Isaac Newton, Charles Dickens, Elgar, Gilbert & Sullivan, Edward Jenner for eradicating smallpox, or Alexander Flemming for discovering penicillin?

What else ought we resent Jews for - getting 70% of the Nobel prizes in Medicine, Chemistry, and Physics? That no good Jew Jonas Salk - who does that crummy Jew think he is inventing a cure for polio? Of what worth were Richard Feynman and Linus Pauling? And what about those other two filthy Jews, Albert Einstein and Robert Oppenheimer who made sure that we got the Atomic Bomb before Hitler did so he couldn't take over the world. Nazi Germany was already experimenting with H3O heavy water from Norway with designs on atomic armaments. By 1944 Hitler already had the first fighter jets and the first V2 guided missiles. How dare those lousey Jews beat the Nazis to the punch and make sure Hitler wasn't going to be first to have nuclear warheads to put on those fighter jets and missiles that he had before we did. Jews only ever care about themselves, like those pathetic New York Jews who went down into the Jim Crow deep South to fight for the civil rights of Black people and were brutally murdered by the Klan for doing so. And what of that stinking Jewish Rabbi Jesus Christ and His Yiddisha Mama Mary? Who does that rotten Jew think He think is in causing over a quarter of the world population to believe in a faith based on love, righteousness, and forgiveness? Who did His dirty Jew followers, the Apostles, think they were in authoring the Gospels and writing The New Testament? I profoundly wish that Jewish Rabbi Jesus did control America. If He did, the country wouldn’t be in the mess that it is in today. I thank God for the Jews. America would never have remained on top of the heap for as long as it has without them. 

While it is indeed undeniable that Jews have played an indispensable role in keeping America on the top, it is likewise co-equally undeniable that the Jews are not the ones who are on the top of America. Antisemitism: A lie is a lie, a myth is a myth, and a bigoted moron is a bigoted moron.

James Jacob Prasch

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