Sept. 3rd Statement on Andy Wood

It brings me no joy or blessing to issue this statement.

On behalf of Moriel and on my own behalf, I would once again reaffirm our absolute conviction that the extreme hyper-dispensationalist Andy Wood is a very dangerous False Teacher. We regard him as a Deceiver who should be recognized as such. Serious false dogma similar to that of Andy Woods is also propagated by other figures such as Lee Brainard. While we speak only for ourselves, we do note that Joel Richardson & FAI, and others, are likewise sounding an alarm concerning Andy Woods. They are likewise correct to do so. Among other false doctrines, Andy Woods' contextual distortion that those 'asleep in Christ' refer to "morally asleep Christians" (effectively those who are unrepentant backsliders) are still having the divine assurance of being raptured is pseudo-exegetical lunacy.

Andy Woods is not merely in error or guilty of disseminating error; his contorted mishandlings of scripture are not even in accord with the traditional Pre-Tribulationism with which we respectfully, but very firmly disagree. While Pre-Tribulationism itself is indeed a doctrinal error, Andy Woods however has gone well beyond that into what can only be described as de facto heresy. Those giving conference invitations or providing access to other outlets to him are facilitating the propagation of that heresy and abetting an egregious brand of gross spiritual seduction. We are seriously disappointed with Pastor Tom Hughes whom we would expect to have better discernment.

Dave Hunt, Chuck Smith, Chuck Missler, Tim La Haye, Arnold Fruchtenbaum and various others were or are genuine Brothers in Christ with whom we have solidly, yet amicably disagreed on the timing of the rapture in the sequence of prophetic events. We believe that they were or are partially misguided on that particular point. But they were not or are not heretical. Andy Woods however is. The only justification to give a platform to someone like Andy Woods would be in order to debate and debunk the corrupt dogma and toxic deception that he represents. We do not desire his destruction but rather pray that he repents.

As it is, however, he is an agent of hell.


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