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The Board of Moriel finds itself baffled by a recent list of 8 conjectured charges, none having any real proof against Moriel, a range of figures including our board & John Haller and above all Jacob Prasch by Joshua Chavez massively circulated by email. A previous edict by Joshua Chavez was noted and discussed last March. The content of these allegations are ironically borrowed from statements by Joshua Chavez' own internet enemies and include charges often levelled against Joshua Chavez himself, such as obsessive conflict.

Given his own history of cyber warfare with Justin Peters, John Mac Arthur, JD Hall and many others, it is bewildering why he would attribute behavior to another that many others have openly ascribed to him. Indeed, his own propensity for conflict led Moriel from restricting Social Media postings by Joshua Chavez on Moriel platforms. It is public knowledge that Jacob Prasch came under unbelievably cruel attack on the internet for being supportive of Joshua Chavez in his marital dilemma, with Jacob even being accused of the felony as accessory to human trafficking by Joshua Chavez. Jacob Prasch willingly took the cyber bullets for Joshua Chavez out of personal loyalty because Joshua Chavez had so often been loyal to Jacob Prasch. This has left us confused, but we will respond to these 8 distortions and fabrications for the sake of the dozens of the recipients Joshua Chavez has sought to drag into this fiasco.

  1. It is no secret that while opposing Jacob Prasch & Moriel since their promotion of David Nathan whom most deemed heretical, Studio Scotland, despite desperate pleading to cease, has continued to sell videos featuring Jacob Prasch while denouncing him.  No one wants any of this and it could all have ended if Stuart & Deborah Menelaws of Studio Scotland simply stopped selling them. We cannot see this grievance as obsessive. When Joshua Chavez provided Moriel with the identity of tbc. kawaii, a relentless harasser from the Asian gay fetishist 'Kawaii' (Cutie) movement, Moriel did not pursue exposure of this individuals hidden identity on Facebook as Joshua Chavez suggested, but only sent copies to anyone contacting us. One posted a redaction of it and contacted Moriel (their identity remains unknown to Jacob Prasch). Moriel only requested a disclaimer that Moriel does not hate homosexuals be added. This has proved wise as two weeks ago tbc.Kawaii posted an attack on Jacob Prasch as a 'homophobe' and labelling Moriel as a cult for being homophobic. Not until tbc.Kawaii began recent attacks on Jacob's wife & family did he even refer to tbc.Kawaii in the public domain.
  2. At no time did Moriel post or commission any spoof web sites to be posted by anyone or against anyone.  We did not even know who was doing some of these things (Studio Scotland has other adversaries). While he did it in support of Jacob Prasch, it was in fact Joshua Chavez himself who posted photos of the Menlaws with 666 and wads of money. We did not object, but Joshua Chavez did it. By his own admission, Joshua Chavez misrepresented himself on the internet in his attacks as a woman named 'Lydia', to which his critics have taken repeated offence. Why Joshua Chavez accosts us for things we did not do, but himself admits he did is absurd.
  3. Joshua Chavez comparing a certain Christian woman named Linda M., who is not a Moriel team member (but is known to us) to the demonized witch in Acts Chapter 16 is a serious insult to her and to her husband, and an outrage. She is not that or anything like it.
  4. We have never seen anything in regard to Studio Scotland that can be called a death threat, and even if there had been, it was nothing to do with us. The police have never contacted us nor anyone we know about a crime that never even transpired.
  5. When Jacob Prasch & Moriel reacted to David Nathan's teaching such as "God The Father is Not The Creator", and 'animal blood will atone for sin in the Millennium', David Nathan's supporters began to defend his heretical teaching on the basis of him being fully Jewish while Jacob Prasch is not. This led to an ugly tirade of accusations of Jacob having a forged Passport ID, false DNA reports, and falsified Israeli ID. His family was also harassed. The Moriel board instructed Jacob not to display any private documentation in the public domain. Joshua Chavez takes issue with Jacob describing his father's family of 'Jewish ancestry', while he as a half Mexican would not describe himself as being of Mexican descent. "Jewish' of course is both a religion and an ethnicity. Jacob's testimony has been published for years. While his wife and children are Israeli Jewish Christians, he is not. Apart from being sent with his siblings to a Jewish community centre Jacob has no cultural or religious Jewish background whatsoever. Jacob’s mother was Roman Catholic and forced him to attend Catholic school against his own wishes. The public data however through and Jewish are already in the public domain. The accusation by Joshua Chavez' own enemy Chris Rosebrough is that although the family name was the common Jewish name 'Brasch' changed to 'Prasch', and that Jacob Prasch is not from the Prasch line of former Jewish line of the Brasch family.  The online Jewish burial records indicate otherwise (which is likely why the Jewish Agency gave Jacob a Jewish ID immigration certificate in Israel (of which a renewal was shown online). While most Jewish birth & death records were destroyed in the purge of German Jewish records by the Nazis, grave markers remained even in most desecrated Jewish cemeteries. Claims by Joshua Chavez that these burial records were provided by a lady named Ursula are mistaken, these records are available on the internet.

    JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry - Germany

    Ursula and Linda MacIntyre did however do Jewish research at  com into Jacob Prasch's family (documented Jews named: Wrecklin, Brasch, and Goldbeck),  but Jacob had almost no prior knowledge of them and requested they not be web posted. Jacob Prasch states: "I and my father were named for 'Jakob Prasch' who died 14 years before my father was born ". The name was Anglicized to James, but switched back to Jacob when I immigrated to Israel. This proved consistent with the public records available on

    David Nathan's wife and children are not Jewish (by rabbinic law). That does not however make his family either less Christian or less Jewish. Ethnicity does not determine whose doctrine was right and whose was wrong.
  6. Jacob Prasch's personal business affairs are none of Joshua Chavez' business. Except that Moriel has benefited from the commercial licensing of domain names, Jacob's private business has nothing to do with Moriel. The insinuation however, that Jacob Prasch financed the private education his children with funds taken from Moriel is as ridiculous as it is defamatory. The audited accounts from those years at that time, 18 to 25 years ago, indicates that Moriel did not have that kind of money then; it often struggled to remain solvent in earlier years. We all know this.
  7. Implied suggestions of financial impropriety by Moriel is baseless and sleazy gossip mongering. All of Moriel's accounts are audited and in complete compliance with American & British law. It was discovered in a posthumous audit that a now deceased Moriel administrator in Australia did engage in embezzlement several years ago. This has long since been corrected and it was the action of a single individual and nothing systematic within the ministry. Jacob Prasch donates all royalties for the sale of his books and recorded materials to the ministry.

    By law, all 'Specified Donations' (USA), and 'Designated Funds'(UK) must be paid to, or used exclusively for the purpose for which they were contributed. This includes mission funds (for India, Israel, Africa, Thailand, etc.,), and love offerings or honorariums to individuals (including Jacob Prasch). These normally must go through the books and bank accounts of the ministry. Re-donated income of any team members are their personal affair in terms of amounts. All revenue of book and media sales are used for the ministries work.

    When Joshua Chavez was a part time member of the Moriel Team as a videographer and in video production, he was paid $750 per month (he did a competent job). Joshua never objected to receiving payment for his work while at the same time saying Christian pastors and leaders should not be paid, which is not scriptural. His belief concerning paid pastors and leaders is based on a misinterpretation of 1 Corinthians 14 which he states there are no pastors or elders again which is not scriptural. 
    His other views that there are no sermons in scripture, only 'teaching', is also doctrinal error (dideskein is teaching, and homila is a sermon). 
  8. The Castigation of the Moriel Board for not doing more to restrict Jacob Prasch and allow 'sin' begs two questions: What sin?  Joshua Chavez insinuates, but where is the sin he only conjectures which he expects to be accepted as fact.
    * Where is Joshua Chavez' board? Is there a Servus Cristi board?
    It is interesting that Joshua shares the fact that the Board did not like him but Jacob needed to negotiate for him. Why didn't we "like" him and why and how did Jacob negotiate for him? Well, simply, Joshua has bad doctrine on his videos, saying things like the Bible doesn't say there are sermons only teaching. Also, Joshua teaches there are no pastors and elders in the Bible these are just two examples. Well, David Lister approached him privately about his wrong doctrine and he would not correct it. Marco at a meeting with Joshua, David Lister, Jacob and Blair, there, Marco tried to explain his wrong doctrine even using the Greek. Joshua did not accept his correction. Then Scott Noble emailed Joshua and explained this wrong doctrine in a point by point studied email, well, Joshua gave a tepid response not really addressing his wrong doctrine nor did he correct it. This video The False Church System has caused division in Moriel Canada, divided churches there, and also hurt people in Marco's churches, who left, and even divided Scott Nobles father-in- law from the fold, who Scott labored for years and years to lead out of Buddhism. Hopefully you understand why we didn't like him. Blair reached out to Joshua in great kindness but his advice was rejected too. Hopefully our supporters will now understand why the Moriel Board didn't like Joshua.  So, while we didn't like Joshua for his bad doctrine Jacob would negotiate with his board that he feels Joshua is like a younger brother, or a friend in need of help (Galatians 6) and on that basis of that the board could let Jacob try and help Joshua but now Jacob knows Joshua will not accept correction of his doctrine. Jacob allowed personal loyalty to Joshua to bring him into repeated opposition to our board. This is an undeniable fact.

    As to the Servus Cristi Board, there is none. Joshua Chavez has not normally even had a church, and has been accountable to no one. Yet he sets himself up as a self- appointed investigative authority even making bogus assertions about other people's private business affairs that are none of his business, and a super critic of churches when he usually has none himself. His life and ministry are fundamentally out of God's order (Hebrews 10:25).

    Had he had a board and a church like those with whom he finds fault, he might not have dug himself into the public grave disqualifying himself from ministry that he finds himself in today. Joshua solemnly promised he would not marry the woman he did a few days after her arrival in the USA, but immediately broke his word with a vow (making her his wife in the Eyes of God) but that was it. After breaking his promise, it was then foolish of him to consummate the relationship without even being legally married to her. Claiming abuse, she left him. We do not wish to disclose the contents of the emails we have from her and other emails, because they are none of anyone's business and to do so would be pure vengeance against him.  However, by his wrong doctrine of the church (ecclesiology), his lack of accountability, and by breaking his word he has given his enemies the ammunition they needed. The claims of his wife and not being in control of his own family/ marriage mean he is not scripturally qualified for the ministry (1Timothy 3: 2-4), at least until he gets his marriage reconciled. The charges brought by his hurting wife and his enemies mean he does not have a good reputation with those outside of the church, but worse he has a broken marriage. God says that he has absolutely no right whatsoever to be in the ministry. In appreciation for the friendship Jacob Prasch had with Joshua Chavez, Jacob stood with him loyally, paying a public price for doing so and placing himself again in opposition to his own board. Jacob tried desperately to be an older brother to Joshua and tried to help him. Jacob has sadly failed. The Word of God says that Joshua Chavez cannot be in ministry.



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