Wimps and Wets!!!

This is from some UK Moriel Supporters and certainly reflects the views and convictions of all of us.


Dear Folks,

If I was not a Christian I would be incandescent & apoplectic with rage at what is going on today. My recent message on Anti Semitism also relates.

Suella Braverman says it as it is, and echoes the thoughts & feelings of many if not most, but "the mob" calls for her blood. Whilst our Police Service (no longer a Force) panders to "the mob" to the detriment of the public it is supposed to be protecting. "THE MOB" HAS TAKEN OVER OUR STREETS. What an indictment.

Our country is finished, as it desperately needs a true leader with the guts & gumption to stand up for their convictions, but what have we got. A load of wets & wimps who call for the blood of those who are true. We could do with a Churchill, Thatcher or even Boris Johnson before he became infected with trendy wokery of Carrie, but the "blob" and "mob" couldn't wait to see the back of him. Indeed, Allison Pearson of the Daily Telegraph even suggested our Prime Minister could do well to give way to the three ladies Priti Patel, Kemi Badenoch and Suella Braverman; but they'd never get the support from all the wimps & wets in their Party, not to mention being foiled at every turn by the Establishment in the Judiciary, Legal System and Internationals who have been well & truly infiltrated & captured by the fringe minority pressure groups, as of course have the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and Police Service. They don't realise they are drinking the "cup of God's wrath", and the church will never tell them because it has already drunk of that cup. But God promises He will always have a remnant, even a very small remnant. Hallelujah!

Sadly, all this is merely a symptom of the disease. As my dear wife tells us, "Where there is no God, the people perish"! Only repentance & salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ will suffice in the face of this wickedness, and that should begin with the visible professing church who have been significant by their silence, rather than give a meaningful message to the nation. But God seems to make it clear we are now living in such a time there will be no repentance, but only apostasy and a lack of true faith in God's free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the Cross for forgiveness of our sin. As Jesus Himself warned, "When the Son of God returns, will He find faith on the earth"? It will be in short supply.

Yours sincerely,

Your friends

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