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How to win the Battle
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They told us there was a revival and they told us to laugh. While the armies of the Philistines assembled to march against this nation they were laughing.

I watched it on television news when in Southwark Cathedral, a place where Christians were martyred in aftermath of the Reformation by Queen Mary, lesbians and homosexuals had a televised gay and lesbian service for homosexual and lesbian clergy. And right across the river at Holy Trinity Brompton Nicki Gumbel and Sandy Millar had people on the floor laughing, rolling saying there was a revival going on. I watched it.

Defeated armies and a defeated church and aggressive Philistines and there’s nobody going to stop it. Not Purpose Driven, not Alpha, notToronto, Pensacola, not Kansas City, none of them can stop if. They can do nothing – they’re all proven losers led by proven hypocrites and cowards. They do not even have the Christian integrity to repent and admit they were wrong, that no revival cane and we're in serious trouble. Instead they say the Muslims can be saved without Christ. Just ask Colin Chapman or Steve Chalke. And these men are respected and welcomed? The commanders of the army of Saul. What can happen? What can anybody do? Notice King David came out of nowhere. He was not someone anyone ever expected. If this invasion can be stopped, those who God raises up to stop it will not be visible on the horizon.

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Psalm 119:105

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