Robert Breaker, JD Farag, Mark Biltz, Rachel Baxter, Tom Hughes ... The List Gets Longer

by Jacob Prasch, 3/15/24

Watching these ludicrous clips becomes a nauseating ordeal.


How can any regenerate bible believing Christian countenance such blatant idiocy?

This is a very stupid and very deluded woman, Rachel Baxter, who speaks convoluted rubbish that is pseudo-scriptural and pseudo-spiritual. Her subscription to the zodiac-based biblical prophecy borrowed from astrology by the proven false teacher Robert Breaker whose September 23, 2017 predictions quite predictably came to naught compounds her absurdity and absence of credibility, as is further evidenced by her hideous mishandling of scripture that is utterly devoid of exegetical credence.

Whether she is a deliberate religious liar or merely a deceived ignorant crackpot is a judgment I would not make. One thing for sure however, is that she must of necessity be either one or the other.

Tom Hughes has now obviously joined the Mark Biltz / JD Farag / Robert Braker Academy of Speculative Lunacy. His actions are emblematic of the progressively downward spiral that Pre-Tribulation Rapture teaching is resorting to as its hollow foundations implode in the face of reality.

Postulating dates and ascribing spiritual significance to eclipses etc. is hideous. No place does Scripture identify eclipses as being prophetically significant. Such were the pagan superstitions of the Mayas, the Druids, and Nabateans - but not the Hebrews or Early Christians. On the contrary, when the prophecy of Amos 8:9 of the "sun going down at noon' was fulfilled in the crucifixion of Jesus in Luke 23: 44-45, it could not possibly have been an eclipse (either solar or lunar) because it was at Pesach, circa 14th of Nissan which is at the wrong lunar & solar phase to be an eclipse.

The "Signs" in the heavens are in the realm of "nessim v' niflaot" (miracles and wonders). There is nothing extraordinary or miraculous about normal, ordinary cosmological phenomena or naturally occurring astronomically predictable events such as eclipses.

The star that the Magi followed in the Nativity Narrative, the comet that stood of Jerusalem in 70 AD recorded by Josephus, the 48 hour day at Gibeon when Joshua stopped the sun, and the sun going backwards in the extended longevity of Hezekiah met the biblical criteria because they were not normal cosmological occurrences, just as the prophetically emblematic events of the Book of Joel, the Book of Revelation, and the Olivet Discourse events of Matthew 24: 29 & 30 shall not be. They shall be 'Signs', divinely induced supernatural events reflective of events Spiritually transpiring events of a prophetic nature. An eclipse is no more a 'sign' than the vernal and autumnal equinoxes. They are just normal naturally occurring events in a heliocentric cycle. It was again,  pagan civilizations that attributed prophetic prognostications rooted in idolatry, ignorance, and superstition to such normal cosmological events as eclipses and equinoxes. 

I reside in England about an hour and 15 minute’s drive from Stonehenge. Today, in post Christian Britain, you can annually watch caravans of New Agers travelling to Stonehenge on Salisbury Plane by the thousands and thousands resulting in massive traffic jams on the normally uncongested 303 Dual Carriageway, in order to ritually observe this stuff in the pagan tradition of Pre-Christian Britain. They interpret such phenomena as omens and interpret it with prognostications. In Sufi Islam, Taoism, and mystical Buddhism spiritual properties involving predictions and omens are likewise attributed to eclipses, lunar light refraction, etc. There are other such festivals at a place called Findhorn in Scotland, and at the

Neolithic monument at Newgrange in Ireland.

This kind of nonsense however also found its way into Hasidic Judaism who view solar eclipses as a bad omen, and into Medieval Christendom of the Dark Ages based on an obscure Talmudic passage.

In his account of the First Crusade (1096–1101), Albert of Aachen describes how the crusaders witnessed a blood red moon as they drew closer to the city of Jerusalem. Those who had knowledge about the eclipse as a signal of God’s will, Albert tells us, comforted the fearful.

To Albert of Aachen, a lunar eclipse signaled the destruction of the crusaders’ enemies. Solar eclipses, however, signaled disaster for the crusaders.

According to the Annals of Magdeburg, when an eclipse transformed the sun into the shape of a sickle in October 1147 and cast terrible darkness across the land, witnesses saw it as a sign that a time of bloodshed was upon them.

The 12th century polymath John of Salisbury issued a warning against the practice of astrology and horoscopy, which he lumped together with fortune telling, soothsaying, and other “unsavory” practices.  John knew lunar eclipses were caused by the Earth obscuring the Moon. He accepted there was merit in the study of astronomy when it was understood these phenomena could be signs from God, but believed people crossed the line when they thought the celestial bodies had their own power to influence the world. By granting the celestial bodies their own power, John said, people were detracting from the power of God.

Solar and lunar Eclipses and umbrae are routine. Lunar light refractions are routine; just as Saturn has luminescent peripheral rings.  Recurring comets like Haley's comet etc. are likewise only comets whose dates of visibility we can anticipate. None of this constitutes the prophetic fulfilment of Luke 21:25. Only false religions and primitive cultures think otherwise. Unfortunately so do lunatic fringe professing Evangelicals.

In Christ,

JJ Prasch


 On Thu, Mar 14, 2024 at 12:28 AM Marco Quintana <> wrote:


Things are getting quite interesting in the prophecy circles. April 8th has everyone worked up. There are quite a number of people talking about the April 8th, red heifers, Ramadan, eclipses, 7 planets lined up.


This woman named Rachel Baxter speaks on what warnings she received from angelic visitations and prophetic words. 


This is Tom Hughes which talks about that April 8th will be significant as a warning. He doesn't come out and is dogmatic, but in a way he says he is paying attention to this date as significant. This is a warning he says because the shadow of the eclipse is going to make an X on the earth following the path of the 2017 eclipse. The shadow from both eclipses makes an X and it passes through 7 cities in America called Nineveh. All kinds of stuff he says about the red heifer, the 7 planets lined up. 



Tom also quotes from this article


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