Do You Think We’re Back To Normal?



Not at all you may say, It’s all gone back to normal, since the COVID-19 Pandemic subsided. We can’t cover all here, but please read to the end and you’ll see how every aspect of life on earth has changed and is continuing to change at breakneck speed! 

Covid 19: How it paved the way 

March 2020 was the start of the greatest global experiment in history. Whether you  believe the Pandemic was accidental or  deliberate, the following things were never  done before to citizens, by supposedly  civilised Western world governments: 

  • Treasured Democracies behaved like dictatorships, enforcing authoritarian laws
  • Punishing lockdown restrictions curtailed the free movement of all populations
  • Poorly tested, vaccines rolled out globally, were mandated in many workplaces
  • Enforced wearing of masks and social distancing regulations, mandated
  • Supermarkets in many countries, barred entry without proof of the vaccine
  • People were fined & arrested for just being outdoors
  • Police violently cracked down on thousands of folk protesting for their freedoms
  • Trillions in global financial losses, destroying economies, & health services
  • Loss of Millions of jobs worldwide with the destruction of small businesses 
  • Lies & fear-mongering propaganda spread by government mainstream media and the medical/scientific establishment, exaggerating the dangers of COVID-19. 

Whilst telling us to ‘follow the science’,  top government officials enforcing these rules, especially in Western nations, were hypocritically breaking the very rules they enforced, partying with each other in secret! 

New Politics 

In the last 3 years, we’ve seen the rise of what’s known as ‘Woke’ Culture. It’s falsely  styled as a new social justice movement to  change the social fabric of global Western society, dangerously re-programming our  children’s education to: 

  • Overturn the biological & time held understanding of sex & gender identity 
  • Remove people from all media platforms who disagree with its narrative, calling it ‘hate speech’ We have seen numerous prominent commentators just cancelled 
  • Revise history with an ‘apology’ and reparations culture, to racial groups that feel aggrieved at their historical treatment, encouraging false racial theories 
  • Enact new forms of political correctness and terms of human identity   

Coupled with this, over the last three years, these three non-elected world bodies are dominating individual governments, by weakening national borders into a new form of Feudal-style ‘Communism’  to promote the concept of a one-world government: 

  • World Health Organisation 
  • World Economic Forum 
  • United Nations 

The United Nations promote what they call ‘Agenda 2030’. One aim promotes ‘15  minute cities’, which will restrict people’s movements to within certain zones, (like  Lockdowns) under the excuse of needing to reach unattainable Net Zero Carbon emissions. The impression given is that all climate change is purely man-made. 

Changing Technology & Science 

We are now being told humans can now be literally HACKED like computers! This is also now expanding into the  following areas, never spoken of, before  Covid: 

  • Development of a new global digital health & identity pass 
  • Removal of cash into ‘Central Bank Digital Currencies’, to track & control buying & selling, with hand implants now being developed 
  • Artificial Intelligence, which will replace more than 300 million jobs worldwide 
  • Implantation of Brain chips to MERGE people with the digital internet grid

What is really going on? 

This all started before 2020, but since then, Governments & religious leaders,  under the guise of ‘saving the planet’ are fronting man-made climate change, like a  new ‘religion’. People are claiming to have more otherworldly experiences, claiming encounters with so-called ‘aliens’ & UFOs.  Mainstream media is full of such stories now. I could go on, but that’s not the point of this tract. You now urgently need to look in another direction that’ll show you why this is all happening now! The Bible in Revelation 13, predicted a global system that would eventually develop under one world leader known biblically as the  ‘Antichrist’ who will make everyone have a ‘mark in their right hand or forehead’,  that without it, you cannot buy or sell!  Rev 13:16-17. The point here is to show that  

NOW is the time the Bible prophesied of!! 

Don’t be so busy trying to save your life on earth, you give no thought to where you’ll go after you leave it!

Jesus Christ came to earth 2000 years ago, with a real plan of love to save the planet! He said you are a sinner before a Holy God and you must turn away from your sins, which will be instantly forgiven if you repent &  ask Jesus into your heart. You will then be put into a right relationship with God,  the only creator and become ‘Born Again’.  The fallen angel, called Satan, the god of this world, is deceiving people to put their trust in technology, science and new political & religious systems that in the end will have zero benefits beyond the grave.   

If you still think there has been no change since 2020, and these contents are just 'conspiracy theories', then do this test: Switch  off mainstream news, research yourself  carefully and then read these verses:  

Mathew Chapter 24

John 1:12

John 10:27-28  

Revelation 14:11

Romans 3:23

John 3:16 says: ‘For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, (Jesus Christ)  that whoever believes in Him, will not die, but have eternal life'

Only being a true Christian can give you real peace, heal your broken heart & anxious mind and give you the knowledge that  God really loves you. Jesus is returning to this planet soon. He alone will save the environment and create harmony amongst all nations in the kingdom he has promised to establish.  



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